Don’t Forget To Close The Fence Gate!

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Don’t forget to close the fence gate!

The famous last words of thousands of American parents who have children and own a puppy. And although the gate is closed 99/100 times, the one time it is left open, their fur-ever friend makes a run for a new taste of freedom, and out he goes!

Colored flyers posted on every utility pole in the neighborhood go up with the words “Missing Puppy” and his picture printed on them. A few social media posts also are submitted regarding your pup, and the waiting game begins. Each day of waiting feels more like a month, and you really are not sure if your buddy will make it home safely. If only there was an easier way to find your pup…

Well, now there is.

Thousands of American households who own a puppy have bought a puppy GPS tracker. Generally, these tracking systems are very small and attach to your pup’s collar. Whether you have a little Shih Poo or a standard-sized Poodle, the tracker’s tiny size and weight do not pose an issue.

Some of these trackers are so advanced in technology that the moment your pup steps foot (paw actually) off of your property, his owner receives an immediate notification on his phone. With a real-time tracking location updated on his owner’s phone, the family begins to close-in on their pup’s location in a matter of minutes. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, but with a dog and his family.

Interestingly, technology like this is not as expensive as one would think. For about $200.00, a puppy owner can purchase one. Throughout a puppy’s average lifespan, this breaks down to about $15.00 a year. Not bad for the peace of mind it will provide you and your family. Most of these trackers also require a basic monthly subscription, which runs about $10.00-$15.00 a month. Considering the amount of time and grief it will save you, it is well worth the cost.

The majority of the GPS locators are waterproof and are made to withstand weather elements. They also tend to come with a rechargeable battery as well, which lasts for several days at a time.