Dogs Or Cats? Here Is The Ultimate Debate

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Since the dawn of time, civilization has been battling over which pet is the better option. In the right corner with over 30pounds of whiskers, a ton of soil scratching paws and one of the smartest species alive, introducing the cat. And to the left, with 60 pounds of slobbering affection, a whole lot of gut-wrenching instincts and the title of ‘man’s best friend’, introducing the dog.

In this epic fight for the ultimate pet, we’re going to explore what makes each pet the preferred option and why there can only be one winner. 

Security consciousness

As much as we love cats for their ability to rid us of the things that creep around at night like the mice and the lizards, there’s only a limit to what they can do. Let’s take security as a much-needed example. What cat breed can actually ward off intruders? Like, what are they supposed to do, lick or purr away their weapons?

Cats aren’t even used in the force because their existence is limited to affection rather than actual purpose. Dogs, on the other hand, can attack and disengage a full-grown adult from breaking in or harming his owner. Some dog breeds actually pick up smells from trails that could be 72 hours cold, which is why they’re the better and most recommended choice in the force. 


Cats have a certain ability which is only synonymous to a few species in the world. This is a self-cleaning ability. They’re actually known to be one of the cleanest animals on the planet and this makes their grooming ten times easier. Dogs on the other hand (and this, of course, is dependent on the breed) can have pretty intense grooming needs. Also, with cats, they have the decency to at least cover up their messes so no one finds them but dogs proudly leave it for their owners to take care of as part of their constituted rights. 

Depth of strength

The last and most important argument is the quality of their strength. Cats have little or no strength at all. They’re more for companionship than actual fun and this is why they are mostly huddled up on a couch all day with their elderly owners. Dogs are very energetic creatures. They love playing at the park and they help you exhaust your kid’s energy too. You can play cool obedience testing games like fetch with dogs but you can only play the snooze fest with cats. 

Don’t get it wrong, cats are absolutely adorable house pets but that’s all they are. Their energy is limited and so is their fun. Dogs can be used as guard dogs, trackers or to achieve any security need and when it comes to family and their owners, their loyalty is unwavering.

Dogs are the better option in this argument and in life in general and where better to get the dog of your dreams than at PremierPups

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