DIY Dog Bed Tips for Your New Puppy 

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So, you’ve got yourself a new puppy and you’re probably thinking of the living arrangement. This seems like something you should have figured out before adopting the furry cuteness, but some of us are a ‘we’ll cross it when we reach it’ type of person. You’ve probably seen how much dog beds cost on the internet or maybe you just want something old, borrowed, recycled or blue for your new puppy.  

Regardless of your procrastination, there are tons of dog bed tips for your new puppy, most of which are DIY. Not only will this solve your problem, but it will also give you the opportunity to recycle and of course save you some cash while in the process. Here are some DIY dog bed tips for a new puppy. 

  • Tire dog bed 

This is very simple to create and as the name implies, you’ll need a tire. This could be old or new depending on which is closest. If it is old, you’ll need to recycle it to look more presentable. You can do this by painting it or putting a cloth over it. Once it looks better, then you can add some flat pillows inside it for cushioning and your puppy’s favorite toy. Bear in mind that your new puppy may quickly outgrow this bed if you’re using a standard size tire. Hence, you may need to size up as he grows. 

  • Repurposed dog bed 

In the art of recycling why not turn your old crate, picnic basket, wine crate or suitcase into a dog bed. Either of these items lay the foundation for the bed and all you need to add are some flat pillows and maybe a dog blanket for pizzazz. You could position this newly refurbished dog bed at any corner you like, even inside your room. Remember, the idea behind DIY is to make it comfortable enough for your sweet little puppy without having to spend exorbitant amounts. 

  • Multipurpose nightstand 

Nightstand by day, dog bed by night, sounds like an amazing use of space. If your nightstand is the type with drawers, you may want to redesign it to look like it has a wooden gate with a latch. Once that is done, plop some pillows, a blanket, their favorite chew toy and you’ve got yourself a multipurpose nightstand. This 2 in 1 piece of furniture offers a great way to conserve space and you can have your puppy lay closer to you.  

  • Sweater bed 

Constantly finding your puppy in the midst of your clothes? Well, since he loves it so much why not make him a bed out of one. To achieve this, you’ll need an old sweater and cotton stuffing. Simply sew shut the neck while you fill the sweater with the stuffing. Once all areas of the sweater are stuffed, sew them shut and adjust your new sweater bear to make a decent dog bed. This way your new puppy gets to be comfortable while smelling the essence of its favorite person, you. 

With DIY dog beds, there are so many ways to go. However, when fixing whichever one you’ve decided to remember it’s all about the comfort of your sweet little puppy. Looking for a puppy to create dog beds for? Head over to PremierPups for a great selection of healthy and adorable puppies all seeking love. 


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