Counting Sheepadoodles

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While we don’t picture Sheepadoodles flying through the air when trying to get to sleep, we do imagine them cuddled up right next to us. And what better cuddle dog! These fun loving, charming and sweet dogs are a cross between two of the most beloved breeds– the Old English Sheep dog and the Poodle. Depending on the size of the Poodle, toy, miniature or standard will determine the size of your very own Sheepadoodle.

They sure are cute, but are they gentle?

These gentle giants don’t just look friendly they are as welcoming and jovial as they come. With a fluffy coat and a happy go lucky personality, they are always on board to learn a new game, head out for a walk or discover a new adventure…as long as you’re by their side. They form strong bonds with their humans and have a difficult time adapting to being away from them for too long. So if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be home often, this may not be the best fit for you.

They make for a great addition to any active family as their free spirit and happy attitude makes them a perfect fit for children and other playful pets. Gradual introduction is best, as this breed can exhibit some shyness at the beginning, but before long they will warm right up! They do well in most all settings as long as they are given plenty of time to play and be active. Daily walks are essential for this breed as it is with most dogs.

They make for great therapy and emotional support dogs.

They have a heightened sense of emotional connection and are very in tune to the moods of others, which makes them wonderful therapy and emotional support dogs. Proper training and socialization started at an early age is best if you’re thinking of an emotional support path for your pup. They do not want to be far from their human and for any long amount of time. Their desire to keep their “pack” together is part of their lineage as a herding dog.

Do they shed?

Perfect for allergy sufferers, the Sheepadoodle has very little to no shedding at all. Proper grooming every 6 to 8 weeks however is highly recommended to keep their coat clean and free of debris. They do tend to have longer hair, which means that they can easily “pick” things up while out on walks or adventures. It would be wise to brush them weekly in addition to regular grooming maintenance.

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