Greet The Cavapoo Pups! See The 5 Best Ways To Train Them!

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The Cavapoo pups, also sometimes referred to as the Cavoodles, are a designer breed. Cavapoos are very friendly dogs, and they will get along well with children and other pets. They are small dogs and need lots of love and attention. They are one of the easiest breeds to train because they are so intelligent. Training the Cavapoo pups can be achieved by following these simple steps. Let’s check them out!

Set A Routine With The Cavapoo Pups

Your Cavapoo puppy will thrive if you set a routine for them. Routine is important in any dog’s life, especially when they are young. A good sleep schedule and meal times will help the pup feel comfortable and secure, which makes it easier on both of you.

Here are some examples of routines that work great with puppies:

  • Brush their teeth after every meal. If your puppy doesn’t like this at first, try mixing peanut butter with their toothpaste to make brushing more fun. You can also try using doggy dental treats. Your Cavapoo pup should be getting used to having their teeth brushed by the time they’re six months old or so.
  • Put your puppy on a leash while walking outside so they don’t run off or get lost in traffic. This gives them freedom but keeps them safe from danger as well as protects your yard from destruction (when and if training goes bad).
  • Schedule playtime every day so that no one gets bored or anxious due to lack of attention. If there’s too much downtime between activities then boredom sets in. This can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing up shoes or eating furniture stuffing. This hurts everyone involved including yourself because now you’ll have less money left over for treats & toys instead.

Reward Your Cavapoo Pups With Treats

Another way to train your Cavapoo puppy is by rewarding them with treats. When the dog is doing what you want and are behaving well, give them a treat as a reward. You can also use toys or other things like that as rewards, but most dogs prefer food over anything else. For example, if you have a dog who knows how to sit on command then give them a treat when they do so.

One thing I would recommend though when using treats as training tools is making sure that your puppy doesn’t become too dependent on them because this could lead them down paths where these treat-based methods aren’t useful anymore (such as when we have guests over).

Use Short Training Sessions With The Cavapoo Pups

Training sessions with your Cavapoo pups should be short and sweet. The pups are still young and need their energy for activities like playing, chewing, and digging. Any training sessions that go on too long will not only make the pup tired but also anxious to go back to playtime.

For example, a good rule of thumb is that the first few weeks of training should be limited to about 15 minutes per day for each puppy (or even less if possible). In fact, it’s best to start off slow with just 5-10 minute sessions until you feel confident in the pup’s understanding of what you’re trying to teach the

Provide Lots of Socialization With The Cavapoo Pups

The best way to train the Cavapoo pups is to provide lots of socialization. This can be done by taking them out to places where they can meet other dogs, such as parks, dog daycare facilities, and even the vet. If you have more than one pup, then take them both at the same time so that they get used to each other’s company.

Finally, if you live near any beaches then this will also provide lots of opportunities for socialization with other dogs while also giving your pups some exercise too.

Aways Be Positive When Training The Cavapoo Pups

It’s important to make sure that the training sessions are fun and engaging for both of you. If they’re not fun, then it’s more likely that either one or both of you will get frustrated (and possibly give up) when things don’t go as planned.

Positivity! Your Cavapoo could really use some positive reinforcement right now because they haven’t gotten much experience with positive reinforcement yet. So try focusing on rewarding good behavior rather than punishing bad behavior whenever possible. This way everyone knows exactly what kind of behavior gets rewarded most often (hint hint).


We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to train your Cavapoo puppy. Training your dog isn’t easy, but it can be a lot of fun. Remember that your dog will be learning new things every day and you need to be consistent with training so your pup knows what is expected of them.

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