Caring For Your Puppy In The Winter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Winter has arrived and across most of the country comes snow, ice, sleet, and frigid weather. As any dog owner will tell you, this weather might slow them down a little, but their fur-legged friend enjoys each snowfall as if it is his first. Rolling around in the fluffy white snow, trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth, and sliding out of control makes his day!

Although it is very healthy for your puppy to spend time outside, precautions should be taken on cold winter days. Some puppies such as the Pomeranian and Mini Labradoodle have soft and fluffy coats that do well in cooler weather, however, they still greatly benefit from insulated puppy jackets. Other breeds such as the French Bulldog, AKA “The Frenchie,” have shorter and less insulating hair and require a puppy coat if outside for more than a few minutes.

Also taken into consideration should be their paws in cold weather. Besides ice and snow which can cause your pup’s paws to be uncomfortable, they often find themselves walking around on salted sidewalks and driveways. Salt and other deicing agents can cause your pup to experience dried and cracked paw pads. To prevent this issue, many dog owners rely on puppy paw shoes this time of the year. They not only look adorable but will prevent your fur-ever friend from experiencing sore paws. You certainly would not want to be outside in the winter without a coat or shoes on. Your puppy should not be either!

Anyone considering a puppy should consult with a reputable and trusted pet adoption store before bringing one home. A great way to determine if the store is reputable is by checking the store’s online customer reviews. Call or stop in the store and find out if they have puppy care specialists, not just “employees.” Ask questions about where their store gets their puppies from and what measures are taken to assure their puppies come from cared and healthy environments.

With the right care, you and your puppy will share many years of love and great memories together.