Best Puppies For Single People

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Like children, puppies require time, love, and attention. Many of those who are single seek the companionship and loyalty of a four-legged friend. Puppies do bring a lot of joy and happiness and indeed are “man’s best friend.”

A common concern many single people have regarding buying a puppy has to do with time. Will they be home enough to show the pup enough love and affection? Will the pup begin to act out if left alone for extended periods? Although all pups require love, time, and attention, some tend to fare better while home alone during the day than other breeds.

Below are the top five breeds suggested for single people who have the desire to add a fur-ever friend to their lives.

The French Bulldog: This pup makes the list for several reasons. Besides being a loving and loyal pup who gets along with everyone, he does not require excessive amounts of exercise. This breed enjoys relaxing and is often found snoring away on his doggy bed. They tend to do well while home alone but will be at the door, excited to see you when you walk in.

The Pug: An adorable and friendly breed, the Pug tends to adapt and adjust in many types of households quickly. These pups do just as well in a busy, active family household setting as they do in a single, quiet, and calm atmosphere. They are low maintenance pups that generally do well home alone.

The Maltese: A reserved, loving, and caring pup, the Maltese is a great pet for many. These pups do adapt to being home alone after the initial puppy stage is over. This breed does benefit for the first several months if their new owners can check in on them during the day or can have a friend stop over for a few minutes. As these pups grow and mature, this is not needed as frequently. Overall, this breed makes a fantastic puppy for single people who seek the love and affection of a dog.

The Greyhound: A very calm, smart, and gentle breed of dog who makes a great companion for single people. This breed does enjoy exercise, and an after-work jog or walk will help your Greyhound pup feel great. They are not known to be very destructive and generally can be trusted at home. They are also not of high maintenance and easy to tend to.

The Poodle: Coming in three sizes, the Poodle is a very intelligent breed of dog. They are also very caring and loyal to their owners. Poodles are known to do well while at home alone; however, because of their active minds should be played with before their owner leaves for work. After work, his owner should engage in physical exercise that consists of mind-stimulating pet games, which will allow their overthinking pup to burn off some mental energy. Being that the Poodle is easily trained, over-worrying about destructive behavior is minimal.

When searching for your puppy, do your homework and narrow your list down to two or three of your favorite and most compatible breeds. Inquire with your puppy adoption store’s professional puppy care specialists to learn which breeds you selected do best given your living situation.

It is also good to speak to other single people who have pets to find out which breeds they have and to learn how they keep their bundles of joy content during the day while they are at work. Pups make a great addition to the lives of many people and bring many years of great memories.