Best Apartment Puppies

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Those who reside in apartments have many suitable dog breeds to choose from. A misconception is larger breeds do not do well in smaller dwellings. The actual deciding factor on the right pup has to do with the breed’s activity level. Yes, larger pups take up a little more room on the couch but, in general, tend to have a lower activity level and need less physical space to be comfortable versus a smaller pup who’s very energetic.

Here are some things to consider if you live in an apartment and are considering a puppy.

Barking tendencies of certain breeds: Many folks residing in apartments have pet stipulations in their lease, and a pup that barks in excess could cause issues with other tenants and the landlord. A calmer pup who is not overly rambunctious tends to do better in apartments.

Exercise need: All pups require exercise to stay mentally and physically fit. Certain breeds, however, require much more indoor and outdoor playtime than others. Generally, apartments do not offer a great deal of open indoor or outdoor areas where your pup can freely play. A puppy who requires basic walks and simple playtime is better suited to living in an apartment than a pup who needs forty-sixty minutes of high energetic playtime a day.

The breed’s temperament: Some breeds are a bit feistier and more protective than others. Living in an apartment means there are more “strangers” per se that your puppy will see and have interaction with while coming and going. Besides other tenants, other pets may reside in the same apartment complex. This makes having a low aggressive and more tolerant dog a good idea.

Noise sensitivity: Pups that are not as sensitive to noises and unexpected sounds tend to be better off in apartments. Some apartments have very noisy tenants! A puppy who is not easily alarmed will be more comfortable in this type of environment than a puppy who is on high alert all of the time.

Which pups do well in apartments?

Bichon Frise – This hypoallergenic and loving pup is a playful yet behaved companion. They have a warm temperament and do not require an excessive amount of activity. They make a great fit with families who live in an apartment.

French Bulldog – The Frenchie makes a great apartment puppy. They are loving, loyal, and very easy to get along with. Their favorite pastime is a soft couch, his owner, and a Netflix movie! Requiring only minimal daily exercise, this pup will make a great fit in an apartment.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – A quiet and happy puppy, King Charles puppies adapt very well in apartments. They are also intelligent pups that can be housebroken quickly. They do enjoy taking outdoor strolls with their owners but do not require an excessive amount of outdoor time. Their warm and loving temperament makes them a great fit around other people and animals within the same apartment complex.

Shih Tzu – These pups love your lap and a cozy home. They do not require extended periods of outdoor exercise time and are perfectly content in apartments. They are not overly sensitive to noises and tend to get along well around other pets. With a great personality and friendly demeanor, the Shih Tzu makes a great apartment pup.

If you are looking to compare puppies and have questions about them, your search should begin (and end) at a reputable puppy adoption store. Consult with the store’s puppy care specialists, who can help answer questions you have. Your new puppy will be an instant fit with your family and provide you years of loving companionship.