All You Need to Know About the Pomsky

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All puppy breeds are equal, but the Pomsky was definitely created on a holiday. This puppy breed is the mental image of adorable. They are very fuzzy, cuddly and have just the cutest barks. The Pomsky puppy breed is bubbly and has a contagious smile. Being mixed with a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, its small stature makes it very suited for the apartment lifestyle. However, there are still some facts about this designer breed that are oblivious to most people. The Pomsky isn’t just a bubbly designer breed and this piece aims at highlighting its true nature.

Let’s start with Adaptability

The Pomsky breed is that which is great for apartment living. They’re also a perfect breed for first-time dog owners. Because of the thickness of their fur, the Pomsky dog breed can withstand low temperatures and seasons; however, their tolerance for the temperate ones are average. Pomsky’s are generally sensitive to the wishes and commands of their owners. Thus, they are very affectionate breeds and perform fairly around children.

Grooming intensity

The frequency and intensity of grooming is really dependent on the dog breed and with the Pomsky it’s safe to say that they’re both well leveled. Pomskies have a soft and fluffy coat which requires a lot of brushing; however, showers should be ceremoniously just so the natural moisture is maintained. The Pomsky breed does shed a lot, hence owners should be prepared to pick up traces of fur around the house.


Pomskies are fairly easy to train. They are intelligent breeds but do not require overly intensive exercise routines. Their exercise needs, in general, are on the low side as they are very playful breeds and usually tire themselves out, but this doesn’t stop their high prey drive. They are small dogs and love barking hence you should be prepared to witness a lot of that.


Being the offspring of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, it just means the Pomsky could be prone to any genetic ailment that either parent is susceptible to. These medical ailments include allergies, hip dysplasia, heart diseases, and so many others. However, before you adopt your Pomsky do well to ask the agent for a health certification just to make sure you’re not going home with a sick puppy.


Pomskies have a ton of energy hence a diet that suffices would do. Because of the failure to establish the Pomsky’s standard, it’s somewhat hard to decipher what an individual dog needs to eat. However, with designer breeds like these, dog parents need to consult the vet to specify the nutritional needs of the dog.

Pomskies come I different colors of coats. They could come in combinations of grey and white, brown and red, or single colors of blue, white, grey, brown and lots more. Their coats are soft, fluffy and very easy to comb through. Now, if up to adopt this fuzzy little breed, PremierPups has litters of Pomskies all in search of a new home.

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