All You Didn’t Know About The Mini Bernedoodle

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Mini Bernedoodles are undoubtedly adorable creatures. It is a designer breed with two purebred parents; the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Now, most people may think the Mini Bernedoodle is bred entirely for their good looks, but contrary to this opinion, this designer breed is bred for people who want a dog but cannot stand their allergens.

Hence, the Mini Bernedoodle is bred because being an offspring of the hypoallergenic poodle, it should possess some hypoallergenic traits on its own like minimal shedding. However, this piece aims at highlighting those intricate details, features, traits, and characteristics which you likely didn’t know about the Mini Bernedoodle.

How they’re Bred

A taller mini poodle or a small Moyen poodle is paired with a Bernese mountain dog. Whatever you do, refrain from pairing a toy poodle with a Bernese mountain dog. This is because the offspring could end up having short legs and a long body. Thus making it difficult to trot around. 


Just like the average Bernedoodle, the mini Bernedoodle is mostly calm and docile with just a good amount of energy to exercise, play or even go hiking. They have a happy-go-lucky temperament and this is one of their most endearing qualities. Being a miniature sized Bernedoodle, they are better suited for apartment living than other big dog breeds. This breed is friendly to whoever they come across from strangers to children and even other animals. Their non-aggressive trait makes them an excellent family dog breed but it also makes them a terrible guard dog. Mini Bernedoodles are also loyal, intelligent due to their Poodle parent and fun.


The mini Bernedoodle is a fairly energetic dog breed and it requires about 20-30 minutes of moderate exercises a day. These exercises could be running, obedience games, long hikes, jogging or simply walking to the park. However, even with their small stature, the mini Bernedoodle requires daily exercises else they can tend to be mouthy. Once they’re exercised, they can be the greatest snuggle buddy right next to you. 


Being as intelligent as they are, coupled with their intense eagerness to please, it’s safe to say that the Mini Bernedoodle is a breed that’s easy to train. Command repetitions are done with less frequency because of how fast this breed assimilates and understands them. They love swimming and are great at it too, so try including water sports in their training activities.

Coat colors

The Mini Bernedoodle comes in a variety of colors, some even in combinations of three. These colors include sable, black, merle, white and phantom. Their coat is soft and only needs to be brushed twice a week. Shedding is minimal for this designer breed but their appetite isn’t.

The Bernedoodle is adorable by all definitions and being a designer breed, there are some facts which are unknown to most people which has been highlighted in this piece. Should you require a minimal shedding, cute, friendly and healthy breed like the Mini Bernedoodle, PremierPups has a fine selection of adorable puppies. 

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