5 Most Sought After Puppy Breeds of 2019

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Dogs are man’s best friend and will always remain his buddy because many people love having those cute snugly bundle on their lap when watching some nice series on the television. Others also love and own dogs for added security in their homes, and if you desire to own one, a little hint on the trending dog breed for 2019 may give your direction some ideas and help your choices too.

Are you ready to rock? Here are some chart-topping dog choices…

  1. Jack Russell

When your reason for loving and desiring to own a puppy is for an energetic companion that will make the morning jogging awesomely exhilarating, then Jack Russell is the breed to trust. These former hunter dogs are renowned for rowdiness in barking, so if your interest is also for added security, you can count on this breed for a watchdog. Jack Russell requires a lot of activity which means, you may need a big yard as they may not fit in well for an apartment considering their exercise demands. Do you have older children? Then they have a pet they can play fetch with the whole afternoon. Jack Russell are very loyal dogs are affectionate to their owners.

  1. Doberman Pinscher

This is another sturdy guard dog and a warm companion. Dobb pinschers are also lovers of activity and dread being left alone, making them a bad choice for working owners that spend a greater part of the day away from home. They are strong and energetic and can respond friendly to visitors if they are exposed to early socialization. For grooming needs, they require just the regular bathing and brushing of the hair to prevent matting. They are great watchdogs and often used by the police, they are also friendly with older children.

  1. Miniature Schnauzer

And this is just the first hint for lovers of lap pooches. The miniature schnauzer is everything beautiful and warm-eyed, with a size frame of 5.5kg to 9kg. This breed is sweetly stubborn but with consistency, they respond to training because they are intelligent puppies and are highly affectionate to their family members. They can adapt well to both an apartment and a house. If you are a pet lover and probably have a cat at home too, these are breed to get as they get along well with cats. Because of their small frame, they are a good pet for children but care must be given with toddlers.

  1. Labradoodle

If your main fear in puppies is the shedding episodes, then you are in luck with the labradoodle because this breed are low shedders. They are cute, petite and adorable and are for a family with children but does not fit in well in a home of working owners as they crave companionship. If you have allergies, you can take home this brilliant and smart breed, as they will discourage your allergies.

  1. German shepherd

Looking for a kingly pet? The German origin sturdy intelligent and devoted dogs will satisfy your desire. Also, a police companion because of their keen protective and sensitive nature, making them a smart choice if you need a watchdog too.  Despite their intimidating frame, the German shepherds are naturally calm dogs and are greatly loyal to owners. They are also social towards children.

Puppies are a wonderful company to keep around and they all look irresistibly adorable and making a choice of the breed to buy can sometimes be difficult. For that reason, this page arrived on time to make the decision easy for you with a little hint of the behavior to watch out for. So, good luck with your choice!


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