5 Most Sought After Dog Breeds Of 2019

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When it comes to puppies, there’s no doubting their individual uniqueness. While each breed may possess a distinguishing trait over the next, there’s a certain exotic aura which some breeds have over others. It could be due to their physical strengths and advantages over the other, or it could be as a result of their intelligence, luscious fur or just striking good looks. Whatever the metric of measurement, there’s no doubting the fact that some breeds are more sought after than others.

This piece aims at highlighting 5 of those breeds with the year 2019 as reference.

  1. Poodle

This breed is increasingly popular for a lot of reasons; one of which has to do with its immeasurable intelligence. The poodleis the national dog of France and was mostly bred for competitive sports. However, over the years it has earned a permanent place in the hearts and homes of its owners. The poodle gets along just fine with other animals but it’s usually shy around strangers. Contrary to popular opinion, this breed doesn’t shed a lot and one of its greatest traits is its hypoallergenic nature. In essence, people with allergies can live with poodles without witnessing any sort of trigger. However, on the downside it does take a lot of time, effort and money to properly groom the poodle which is why it’s considered as high maintenance.

  1. French Bulldog

The French Bulldogis very popular across the United Kingdom, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Based on its playful disposition, this breed is known to be an excellent companion and a great family dog. French Bulldogs belong to the class of smaller dogs and because of their miniature size, they do not require lots of exercise. However, they do like a lot of attention but are very easy to groom and care for.

  1. Pomeranian

Pomeraniansare highly ranked because of their fuzzy nature and bubbly personalities. They are always alert, very intelligent and great family dogs as they are very friendly with children. However, they can display hostility towards unfamiliar humans but are generally friendly. Poms, as they are fondly called, rose to fame when Queen Victoria confirmed her love for them. Since then, poms have been seen as a royalty symbol for some dog owners.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is most popular in Hungary, Belarus, and Bulgaria. This breed is very cute and while some brag of their ability to fit into a teacup, others are more intrigued by their overprotective nature. As small as they are, the Yorkshire Terrier serve as great watchdogs, however, their tendency to bark a lot can be irritating but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with proper training.

  1. Cavalier Spaniel

The Cavalier Spaniel is a really affectionate breed. They are particularly goodlooking breeds however they do require a ton of attention and even interaction from members within his family. Their unique colors and charming personality set the Cavalier Spaniel apart from other breeds.

These five breeds are all so impressive and little wonder why they’re so sought after. Now, wouldn’t it be great to find and adopt either of these exotic dog breeds? It absolutely would, and at PremierPupsthere are a lot of healthy and cute little puppies all looking for a new home.


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