5 Facts That Make the Yorkshire Terrier Unique 

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The Yorkshire Terrier or ‘Yorkie’ as they’re fondly called is a small dog breed with English roots. Most owners are conflicted about the Yorkie because on one hand they’re adorable and loving but on the other, they sit on the throne of yappiness. Regardless of this, Yorkies are very interesting breeds that are increasingly gaining popularity.

Most owners sign up the Yorkie for competitive sports and other events and they perform exceptionally. Despite being well known for its fur-ball nature, there are lots of things which we bet you don’t know about the Yorkshire Terrier, things which make them unique and this piece is highlighting five of such. 

  1. They are named after their town of descent 

Yorkshire Terriers were first bred in Yorkshire County of England in the 19th century. It is said that Scottish workers brought several varieties of terriers to England which produced the Yorkie in no time. The breed soon gained recognition because of its fuzzy nature and vibrant disposition and what better name to give the small dog than one which possesses its history. Hence, the Yorkshire Terrier was chosen.  

  1. They are the 6th most popular in the US 

Americans have a flair for dogs and even the petite ones too. With the appearance, bubbly personality and loving disposition of the Yorkshire Terrier, it’s no surprise that it’s the 6th most popular dog breed in the US. This breed has been owned by lots of celebrities and famous citizens too. These days most people view the Yorkshire Terrier as an accessory rather than a pet and they’re slowly becoming a status symbol kind of like the poodle was in the 80s.  

  1. They are mostly hypoallergenic 

The Yorkshire Terrier has a hypoallergenic coat which means that despite being longhaired it doesn’t shed as much and only sheds a little when combed or brushed. Hence, it’s the preferred choice for people who are allergic to dog fur as they’ll find very little around their homes. However, if one is still allergic to this breed it could probably be from the Yorkie’s saliva or even their dander.  

  1. They have just the one standard coat color 

Different dog breeds come in variants of coat colors but the Yorkie has just the one. This little ball of cuteness comes in a tan coat and has a blue saddle. This is the standard for this breed. Although there are slight variations due to certain recessive but rare genes. Even with these variations, the Yorkie could either be tan or golden on a blue or black coat.  

  1. The smallest dog in history was a Yorkie 

Many Yorkies have had their fair share of fame over the years for different reasons but one dog of this breed made it to the hall of fame for its miniature size. Yorkies are generally small dogs but for one to hold the record of the smallest dog means that it was indeed really little. The dog’s name was Sylvia and she stood at 2.5 inches high and 3.5 inches long (from the nose to the tail). 

Yorkshire Terriers are very great breeds and excellent pets too. However, they do have a yappy nature as they tend to bark a lot, however, this only contributes to their uniqueness and there is nothing early socialization cannot fix. Get yourself a bubbly and healthy Yorkshire Terrier at PremierPups. 


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