3 Puppy Breeds That Are Suited for Apartment Living

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Before adopting a puppy, you’ll need to ask yourself where it’ll live. Would you be comfortable sharing your home with your new puppy or you’ll prefer for them to live outside? Would you mind accommodating their excesses from the inside or deal with them on the outside? Before you decide, it’s important to highlight that some puppy breeds thrive more within the concrete walls of an apartment complex than the exteriors of a suburban home. This piece is highlighting three of such puppy breeds which will do just fine in city apartments, just to give you a much-needed perspective when deciding on the living conditions.

  1. Poodle

Not only arepoodles one of the smartest puppy breeds in existence, but they can also blossom in apartment settings. This prized puppy breed comes in three sizes, that is the toy size, miniature size, and the standard. While the toy and miniature-sized breed are perfectly suited for small apartments, the standard sized poodle can reach 70 pounds in weight, hence it may start getting tight around the house. The small and miniature-sized poodles can use up their energies running around the house, while the standard poodle will definitely need frequent walks to the park. On the plus side, poodles are hypoallergenic, hence they are perfect for humans with allergies as their presence won’t trigger any of them.

  1. Maltese

The Maltese puppy breed is naturally a small one and hence they are already statured for apartment living. They have been known as excellent companion breeds for 2 centuries and they are pretty easy to groom. This is because they have no underlying coat and they do not shed as well. Hence, they can sleep with you on your bed and you do not have to worry about having their hair in your mouth. The Maltese are very affectionate; however, they usually suffer from separation anxiety, making them perfect for stay at home moms and dads. They are small, super cuddly and easy to train.

  1. French Bulldog

This puppy breed is known for its miniature size. The French Bulldog is of English descent and the breed is a very adorable one. Its compact size and calm temperament make them excellent house pets. The French bulldog doesn’t just thrive in apartment buildings but they make a home out of it. This puppy breed also makes excellent watchdogs as they don’t bark out of the ordinary. They are very appreciative of human contact and require medium exercises. This puppy breed will give you no trouble and will offer you loads of happiness in return.

The breed of your puppy determines its compatibility with your living conditions. While some puppy breeds love the open air, others prefer the succor of enclosed apartments. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to adopt a puppy, PremierPupshas a good diversity of amazing puppy breeds that would absolutely love your apartment home. These pups will add spice and happiness to your life, they really make everything better.


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