3 Best Couch Fabrics for Your Puppy

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Having a puppycan seem all glamorous on the outside but it does take a lot of work; luckily, it’s one experience that’s very rewarding. One of the perks about having a pet that is as speech impaired as a puppy is that communication isn’t always the smoothest. Hence, your puppy may not understand that you wouldn’t want your couch ripped in half and may go ahead and do it. So, instead of dealing with the corrective measures, why not invest in the preventive. Puppies love lounging on the couch, it’s one of their favorite spots, hence to stay happy with your puppy and keep your couch alive, you’re going to need some reinforcements. These are the three couch fabrics to get before you adopt that puppy.

  1. Leather

The durability, versatility, and smoothness of leather make it easily the best choice for couch fabrics. Your leather couch will not snag your puppy’s claws, it easily wipes clean and depending on the quality it can last ages. So, whatever your puppy tries to do on your leather couch, it will most definitely not cost you another couch. Also, the cool feel of the leather can be very relaxing for you and your pet. However, with leather, you’ll need to buckle up for the more expensive option as that one will have guaranteed longevity.

  1. Tight fabrics

If your couch fabric is tightly woven, your pet will not be able to destroy it and by destroy we mean scratch, tug and tear. Such fabrics include rugged denim, canvass and a lot of others. Investing in tight weave fabrics will keep your living area looking great, your puppy happy and it’ll even save you the impending costs of getting another couch. Here’s a little tip, if your puppy sheds a lot, you may need to get a fabric color that matches his fur so it can blend out or you could choose a contrasting color to illuminate the fur as you clean.

  1. Synthetic microfiber

Synthetic microfiber covers are pretty great for pets in general. This is because the amount of time it takes to wear or tear is somewhat much. Most puppy owners like to use a lint brush to get rid of accumulated hair on the surface of the microfiber material while others do just fine with using their hands to wipe. Still, on the positive side of the synthetic microfiber, it’s imperative to note that it doesn’t stain easily. However, if it does stain, water and soap will do the trick. Synthetic fiber can also be used on other surfaces that are easily accessible by your puppy, just to be on the safe side.

You may not afford to get a new couch every time your new puppy destroys the old one. Hence these couch covers should protect your couch and make them durable for a long period of time. While we’re on the topic of puppies, PremierPupshas amazing puppies of different breeds seeking adoption.

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