10 Reasons Why We Just Love Morkies

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Morkies are just the cutest designer breeds. Their miniature size, fuzzy hair and soul-searching eyes make them absolutely irresistible. However, even as the Morkieis a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix, this sweet puppy breed isn’t just about the looks. This piece is highlighting the top 10 reasons why Morkies have captured the hearts of many. Here’s why we just love Morkies.

  1. They’re so cuddly

Morkies are built like teddy bears and they fit their tiny bodies ever so perfectly into your arms. They feel so good against your skin and boy do they love human contact. Whatever the weather, if you let him, your Morkie will be by your side every night.

  1. They’re practical

Morkies are practical puppy breeds in the sense that they do not take up a lot of space. Hence, their small stature makes them well suited for apartment living. They’re also very portable breeds and one can carry them efficiently in their carriers. Morkies are also excellent choices for new dog parents.

  1. They are loyal to a fault

Your Morkie will neither forget nor forsake you. Their loyalty is immeasurable and they mostly get attached to one person who is usually their owner. You can They are very bubbly breeds especially around children.

  1. Morkies are easy to train

Morkies are reasonably smart and they’re also sensitive to their owners. Hence, training them is fairly easy. Their wanderlust potential i.e potential to track anything that catches their attention is on the low side so you’re sure to have their full attention during training activities.

  1. They are very playful

This bubbly puppy breed loves to play with their owners. It’ll feel like they’re always begging you for a game and this is why they have high exercise needs. This is to exert their energy and make them calmer.

  1. They live long

The Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix has a lifespan of 10-14 years. This means that they’ll stick around for your kids and offer them an equal amount of love.

  1. They come in many colors

Morkies are super cute and their coat color is just icing on this cake. This exotic puppy breed comes in different coat textures and colors too. From silky to straight, and fuzzy to fine, while their coats could be black, tan, white or a combination of either colors.

  1. They’re great for security

Morkies do bark a lot especially when their owner is away. Although, this is a textbook symptom of separation anxiety and owners should keep this under check, they’re pretty good watchdogs because of this.

  1. They are adorable

Their soft barks, beautiful coats, and small nature makes the Morkie irresistible. This puppy breed is as cute as a teacup.

  1. Morkies are friendly

Some puppy breeds may display hostility every now and then but the Morkie is friendly with people and other animals too. They just really want your attention.

Morkies are beloved by people all over the world. These 10 reasons answer the question of why. However, when looking for a sweet little Morkie puppy, don’t buy, adopt. This gives you much better leverage. PremierPupshas a lot of designer breeds, Morkies included, looking for homes to be a part of. Do check them out.


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