10 Frequently Asked Questions About the Cavalier Spaniel

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What’s not to love about the Cavalier Spaniel? With their flowing fur and beady eyes, this breed has captured the hearts of the world. However, the Cavalier Spaniel is way more than just a delightful puppy, and this piece will be answering some frequently asked questions about the regal breed.

  1. Did Kind Charles II really name them?

Not exactly, but you can say he influenced the name. The late King of England was very particular about this breed. It is believed that the kind wouldn’t go anywhere without the breed. He loved the breed so much that he was even accused of neglecting his royal duties to tend to the dogs, thus he was called the Cavalier King. Hence, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the breed’s full name.

  1. Are they clingy breeds?

Well, clingy isn’t the choice of words that we’d choose. However, the Cavalier Spaniel is a very affectionate breed, especially with their owners. They love nothing more than nestling in the arms of their owners and aren’t recommended for owners who are mostly away from home.

  1. When was the cavalier Spaniel AKC recognized?

The breed was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995. However, the breed was still in existence prior to the year it was recognized.

  1. Why are they classified as toy dogs?

By definition the Cavalier Spaniels are hunting dogs; however, they have hardly been used for hunting especially after King Charles II treasured their very existence. Hence, they’re more of lapdogs than hunting dogs.

  1. Are they popular breeds?

Cavaliers are increasingly popular as the years go by. According to statistics, this breed was the 18th most popular breed by the AKC in the year 2014.

  1. How many famous people owned Cavaliers?

Enough. From Lauren Bacall to President Ronald Reagan, not forgetting King Charles. This breed has had its fair share of the limelight.

  1. How many colors do their coats come in?

They come in four distinct colors and each coat color influences their name. these colors could be individual or in combination.

  1. What are these colors and names?

They could be black, tan, mahogany, chestnut, white or the combination of either. If their coat comes in three colors then they are called Prince Charles, if it’s black and tan, they’re called King Charles, if the Cavalier’s coat is mahogany then Ruby is the name while Blenheim goes for Chestnut and white Cavaliers.

  1. What was their relationship with fleas?

Cavalier Spaniels were used as flea bait in the place of their owners. Hence one reason why they were present in their owners’ beds was to protect them from flea bites.

  1. Where can one get Cavalier Spaniels?

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The Cavalier Spaniel is a highly affectionate puppy breed. It’s miniature size, great looks and a head full of hair make them very popular across the US, hence like all treasures of the earth, questions that need answers are raised. Luckily this piece has answered 10 of these.

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