10 Facts About the Pomsky

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1.They are a Designer Cross Breed

This little cutie has a Siberian Husky for a mother and a Pomeranian for a father. Pomsky’s are almost always bred by artificial insemination, as natural breeding would be unsafe.

2.They Love to be the Center of Attention
Their charming demeanor and comedic antics say, “look at me”! They are full of love and create a strong bond with their owners. They are very sociable breed that craves attention.

3.They are Highly Adaptable

Pomsky’s are happy wherever their humans are, which makes them highly adaptable to their environment. Because of their small size they don’t require a large amount of exercise nor do they have large space requirements. This makes them an ideal choice for someone who lives in an apartment. Though, they are just as happy in a large home or rural area.

4.They Love to be Heard

In addition to being the center of attention, the Pomsky loves to be heard. This is their way of communicating with their owner, whether it’s for attention, letting their owner know someone is approaching or if something is amiss, they are the first to alert you. They are very vocal dogs that tend to be, “yappy” if they aren’t properly trained and socialized at an early age.

5.They are not the Best Choice for Families with small Children

Pomsky’s aren’t keen on sharing the spotlight and are often cautious when around small children. They can nip if they feel uncomfortable or threatened, and this is especially true if a small child doesn’t know how to properly handle such a small animal. If properly socialized at an early age, they can get along with other animals, though their instinctive drive to prey, which they inherit from their husky parent, means they may give chase to smaller dogs and cats.

6.Did, dig, dig!

The Pomsky loves to dig. Daily walks and access to safe toys will help to keep this pup focused and exercised. Supervised play, especially when outdoors will help to keep your yard and flower pots from losing their soil!

7.They have a Long Life Expectancy

With a healthy routine consisting on a nutritious diet, routine exercise and regular check-ups with the veterinary, you can expect your little one to be a part of your family for 13 to 15 years.

8.They were Bred for Companionship

The Pomsky was bred as a lovable companion to their owner and family and they do a great job in this department. They most often form a deep bond with one particular person, though they have a strong connection to each member of the family.

9.They can come in many Colors

Though the most popular coat color for the Pomsky is black-and-white like their Husky parent, these pups can include mixed shades of brown, red, and even blonde.

10.They Don’t like to be Left Alone

The Pomsky does not like to be left alone. They are not an ideal fit for someone who works long hours. Their inherited need for companionship means that they want to be were there owner is, whether at home, out for a walk, or running errands. They make a perfect match for retired persons with lots of free time.

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