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Mason Maltese


My husband brought this sweet baby named Mason home to us for my birthday at the end of May. Our entire family is in love! Mason (we kept his name) loves all 5 of us and we couldn't be happier. Patrick my husband let me know his wonderful experience he had with Doug picking Mason up. Doug is very professional, knowledgeable and you can tell he really loves these pups and his profession. He is very organized as we received all the necessary paperwork as well as extra documents that Doug sends home as instructions, care info, vet info, and all info required by state law. It is a little nerve racking spending a lot for a pup that you are purchasing from a stranger, yet Doug is the real deal. Doug offers a complimentary wellness check up at a well known, highly rated veterinarian in Walnut Creek after you purchase the pup. Our Mason passed his check up and is very healthy and on track. We had a couple questions a couple days after Mason came home and Doug responded very promptly with adequate info. Doug just doesn't sell pups, as he is very educated about each breed he offers. I am already planning on our next pup for Mason to play with here soon! Thank you Doug for our lovely Mason boy!

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Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale in San Francisco CA, Sacramento, Northern California

Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale in CA from reputable breeders. Buy your favorite pup nearby cities: Sacramento, San Francisco, Bay Area, San Jose CA, Northern California, Concord, Oakland, Dublin, San Mateo, Hayward, Fremont, Union City, Livermore.

  • Naomi Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

    Naomi is our cute female ACA Yorkshire Terrier puppy!! She loves people and can't wait to be a part of your family! [more info]

    Naomi is our cute female ACA Yorkshire Terrier puppy !!
    13 weeks old, Registration: ACA , Adult Weight: 5-6 lbs


    Naomi is our cute female ACA Yorkshire Terrier puppy !! - 13 week old Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie puppies for sale in San Francisco from private breeder, Nor Cal Pups

                If you want a wonderful companion, with a great personality, the Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect puppy for you and four family. Nor Cal Pups can help you adopt the most adorable Yorkie puppy in San Francisco and nearby cities San Jose, Walnut Creek, Concord, Sacramento, Oakland, Dublin, San Rafael, Novato, San Mateo, Hayward, Fremont, Union City, Berkeley, Livermore. You can purchase the beautiful Yorkshire Terrier from Nor Cal Pups, which has wonderful Yorkie puppies for sale in California.

The Yorkshire Terrier history

              The Yorkshire Terrier are a very popular breed because of their intelligent and affectionate nature. They have their origins in England, in the 19th century and they were used for hunting the rats. Now the Yorkies are the perfect companions for any family who want a happy and joyful puppy. If you want to adopt a Yorkie puppy, Norcal Pups has cute and healthy Yorkie puppies for sale in California and San Francisco. Look at this video to see the most beautiful Yorkie puppies in the world.

The physical constitution of the Yorkie breed

            The Yorkshire Terrier puppy is very small, that weighs only a few pounds at maturity. His body is covered with a long, silky and shiny coat, with a short tail and a cute small head. The fur can have different colours like: brown, black, beige or red and different combinations of these colours. He has the look of a beautiful toy puppy.

About the Yorkshire Terrier temperament and lifestyle

            The Yorkshire Terrier puppies are very active, full of energy and playful. This toy puppy loves his owner and his company. He needs to be in the center of attention all the time, being a brave puppy. The Yorkie puppy has a wonderful temperament, distinguished by energy, courage and loyalty. That’s why he is one of the most beloved companion.

The puppies of this breed are easy to train but they can be stubborn sometimes, drawing some clear behavior limits will help the owner to maintain the control. A Yorkie puppy is excellent for indoor living and he will adapt very easily to the lifestyle of his family. A mini Yorkie puppy needs outdoor exercise every day. He is a clever puppy, he can be trained very easily, enjoying to do different commands and tricks.

Feeding and carrying a Yorkie puppy

            The Yorkie needs a high-quality and protein-based food, to keep him healthy and to sustain the burst of energy that he gives proof. You should take care on the amount of food because they are prone to obesity. To have a shiny and healthy coat and to prevent tangles, you have to brush him regularly.

Yorkie health problems

           The Yorkshire Terrier is generally a healthy dog, with a few health issues. He is sensitive regarding his teeth, which need a very complex dental care. With the proper care a Yorkie puppy can live up to 15 years. You can buy or adopt teacup Yorkie puppies from Nor Cal Pups, the largest breeder and seller in California. Nor Cal Pups has cute Yorkie puppies for sale in California, San Francisco, San Jose, our pups are available for adoption in the Bay Area.

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