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Nolan & Charlie Teddy Bear

Nolan & Charlie

We adopted Nolan and Charlie this past weekend and we couldn't be happier with our decision!! Daniel and Doug were remarkable throughout the process and it was obvious to us that the pups came from a family oriented environment where the early foundation for potty training and socialization had already been instilled. We appreciated the consistent communication and seamless adoption process. And of course we are most grateful and elated about our newest family members!! Thank you!!

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Why is my new puppy so attention needy

Why is my new puppy so attention needy
   There are various reasons why your puppy is needy for attention or affection. There are also reasons why your new adopted puppy/dog is so attention needy.

Top 5 reasons why your puppy is so clingy

1.      You adopted a puppy to early, and took him away from his mommy, so now he sees you as her and need a lot of attention.

Puppies can react in different ways, some of them whine and cry for their mommy, some realize the difference but are even more needy for attention. They will follow you around and consider you the center of the universe. In this case you need to pay them a lot of affection, they are like babies with their mother, they need to be cared for and absorb as much love as they can. You need to treat them like every other puppy, teach them what is necessary and what it is allowed and not. Don’t sleep with them, or spoil them too much, they won't stop being clingy, on the contrary they will need more and more attention and you will find yourself at number 2.

2.      You spoiled your puppy too much.

Dog owners tend to spoil very much the dogs when they are little, and after they grow up, less. That is a big mistake, because your pet will be disappointed, and he will try to attract you again, some of them will do damage in the house, some of them will urinate or poop in the middle of the carpet, or some of them will suffer from great anxiety and stress.

From the minute you buy or adopt a puppy you need to impose a schedule that must include: playing time, teaching and training time, when to defecate and urinate, when to sleep, eat. Most important thing is that you don't deviate from the program. This way, your dog will know when to listen to you and when he can cuddle.

3.      You adopted a grown puppy from a previous owner, that didn’t care for him or from a rescue shelter.

A very important fact is that these dogs weren’t loved enough and they see you like their savior and their new hope. Be patient, these dogs and puppies are needy for attention, affection and most of all love.You need to teach them, develop a program but above all, a lot of love and time.In time they will respect and see you as their owner, and behave like normal puppies/dogs.

4.      You adopted or bought a dog that spent his entire life in a pet shop.

Love for this puppies is something new, all they saw in their life was a cage and a window through which they saw only people that didn't adopted and don't want them. You need to teach him what a normal human-dog relationship means, including a lot of caring and affection.

5.      You adopted or bought a dog/puppy that was beaten or traumatized.

This dogs need specifically time, trust and love. So after you gained their trust it is very probable that they will be attention needy. In this case you need to show them and treat them like a normal puppy, include every activity you can but don’t spoil them more then it’s necessary because they will be bemused, just show them that you are their owner, that you care for them, that you will never hurt them,most important their friend not enemy.

In most cases dogs are needy, but with the proper care and conditions, you will be able to train, teach them how to behave when there are on their own at home, what you expect from them, when it’s playing time and when it’s time for love and affection. If you will see your dog, not just a pet, but as a friend, a soul that needs you, in return you will have the perfect puppy or grown dog.

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