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Nolan & Charlie Teddy Bear

Nolan & Charlie

We adopted Nolan and Charlie this past weekend and we couldn't be happier with our decision!! Daniel and Doug were remarkable throughout the process and it was obvious to us that the pups came from a family oriented environment where the early foundation for potty training and socialization had already been instilled. We appreciated the consistent communication and seamless adoption process. And of course we are most grateful and elated about our newest family members!! Thank you!!

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Why is my French Bulldog drooling

Why is my French Bulldog drooling

The answer to that question is very easy, Bulldogs like other three different breeds are drooling dogs from mother nature, they drool all the time.

The better questions are: Does your French Bulldog drool excessive? When does he drool excessive? Did you noticed a change in his behavior? Did you changed something in the house? What should I do if my French Bulldog is suddenly drooling? If your French Bulldog drools, it’s due to their anatomical peculiarities.

Bulldogs have a short, wide muzzle, with concentric and symmetrical folds, that descends on the upper lip, the lips are thick and slightly drooping, and they suffer from prognathism in the jaw area-this means that your puppies lower jaw is forward than the upper jaw. Shorter, they drool because of the shape of the jaw and how the lips are arranged.

·         My Bulldog puppy is drooling excessively/My French Bulldog is drooling excessively, what should I do?

Here is the real question, if your Bulldog is drooling excessive that means he has a problem.

·         Causes: poisoning or intoxication with different agents like plants, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, cosmetic solutions like shampoo, drugs, antiparasitic drugs.

If your Bulldog drools excessively, you need to take him to a veterinarian immediately and tell him when it started, if you cleaned in the house with something new, if you think he chew something or anything that can be helpful for the doctor. Give him any piece of information because it’s very important that the doctor knows all the facts, so he can take actions and make you puppy healthy again.

·         Other common causes: stress, anxiety and heat.

- In the summer most likely your French Bulldog puppy or dog will drool, imagine yourself at 40ºC or 104ºF with a sweeter. Drooling are their way of cooling their body temperature, so it is normal for him to drool. In this case you have to give him some cool water, or take him for a swim, that will cool him down, and your dog will feel better;

- Stress may cause them excessive drooling, if you transport him with a car, or on a plane and he is not used to, if you leave him a very long period at home alone or any other things that causes him unrest, the same thing happens with anxiety;

- Anxiety is a much worst reaction to stress, beside the drooling the dog can become aggressive, can be apathetic, moony, indifferent, sleepy. If this happens you need to realize what caused this and change that thing, try to create him a better environment, avoid cars or transportation, or try to make him understand that the car can be a funny thing to do, play with him. Shorter, eliminate any factor that causes him discontent.

·         Another cause is if your dog is greedy.

Most Bulldogs are gourmand, they love to eat and that is why they tend to get a little fat then normal. They also have carvings like people, if they see something that looks delicious and savory they will drool and beg. If it is very hot, they can drool at sight of cool and fresh water, if that happens offer him a bowl or change his food, because it’s clearly that it’s not satisfactorily, also you can offer him from time to time treats.

Also because their anatomical features, beside excessive drooling, your Bulldog may suffer from a lot of breathing diseases, and in many times they can coincide.

Bulldog suffer from a normally syndrome narrowing of the nasal passages, Laryngotracheomalacia - also called the Brachycephalic Races Syndrome, that’s why they snore. During the night they may drool excessively because of this particularity, they can’t close their mouth, they can’t breath through their nose and they drool. It happens to us humans also if we have a runny nose, or we caught a cold.

Although the drooling and snoring, French Bulldogs puppies, Bulldog dogs in general are incredible creatures, great dogs, social, playful, that can entertain you even we you are upset. They are great for children, so if you have a big family, I strongly recommend you to adopt or buy a French Bulldog. Great caregiver, guardian and a very good hunter, especially rodents. They have so many qualities that would take me forever to count them, in other words - The perfect puppy.

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