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Nolan & Charlie Teddy Bear

Nolan & Charlie

We adopted Nolan and Charlie this past weekend and we couldn't be happier with our decision!! Daniel and Doug were remarkable throughout the process and it was obvious to us that the pups came from a family oriented environment where the early foundation for potty training and socialization had already been instilled. We appreciated the consistent communication and seamless adoption process. And of course we are most grateful and elated about our newest family members!! Thank you!!

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What are the unique characteristics of Havanese puppies

Characteristics of Havanese puppies

If you are thinking about adopting or buying a Havanese puppy, you should know some information about the breed. Many people think less about this breed, because it is very common, but what they do not know is that if properly trained, Havanese puppies can do various jobs, like tracking drugs or finding persons. They can be also used for therapy and helping people with disabilities.

Havanese Puppies Breed Characteristics

The Havanese dogs are part of the Bichon breed family, they are descendants of the Bichon Tenerife type who disappeared. They are the symbol of Cuba and are known for their silky coat that can be curly or wiry.

They are small, the anterior legs are smaller than the posterior ones and the tail is curved and very fluffy. They are very active and need a lot of exercise during the day at least 3 hours, so you need to make a lot of time for them.

They are very smart, active, loving dogs, who will follow you to the center of the Earth. They are great with children and can adapt to almost any environment, they can even be used like guard dogs for sheep. They are perfect for a life indoors but also can live on a farm.

Havanese puppies love being the center of attention, but be careful because they tend to get too addicted and may cause you problems. Havanese can be trained to do a lot of things, use a litter box, track drugs and offenders, when to bark and not to, circus tricks and shows, but with patience. Using a strong hand will not lead to anything good, the dog will be disappointed, will suffer from anxiety and you will not be able to train him anymore.

The Havanese aren’t very easy to maintain, they need daily brushing, grooming because of their very smooth and silky coat. You also need to be careful and cut the hair around the eyes, 99% of the eyes problems may occur due of this. If the coat isn’t brushed constantly it can become oily.

Like every small dog, he has a loud voice, if he feels something strange. If he is attacked or neglected he will wake all your neighbors.

There are a lot of colors and patterns accepted like fawn, cream, brown, chocolate, silver, gold, black, white, blue, beige and combinations of these, most common being black and white, white and beige, beige and black and even tree-colors.

Havanese can be very needy dogs, so if you tend to indulge them, they may develop behavior problems, like chewing the furniture, whining if you don’t take them outside or if you don’t have time for them, crying if they don’t like the food and all sort of these things, so be careful with their training and show them that you are the master and you decide when it’s time for a walk, sleep or food. Pay attention and do not yell at them or use a hard hand.

They are healthy dogs but can have genetic problems like retinal dysplasia, cataract, congenital deafness, heart problems, leg problems because of the height difference between the anterior and posterior feet.

You can rarely find one to adopt as they are very lovely and are preferred by dog lovers, but you can find Havanese puppies for sale. The price for one is around $800-$1000 with fluctuations.

I hope that the information were helpful and I convinced you to adopt or buy a Havanese puppy.

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