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Nolan & Charlie Teddy Bear

Nolan & Charlie

We adopted Nolan and Charlie this past weekend and we couldn't be happier with our decision!! Daniel and Doug were remarkable throughout the process and it was obvious to us that the pups came from a family oriented environment where the early foundation for potty training and socialization had already been instilled. We appreciated the consistent communication and seamless adoption process. And of course we are most grateful and elated about our newest family members!! Thank you!!

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How do you groom a Pomeranian puppy

How do you groom a Pomeranian puppy

First of all, before we talk about grooming style, you need to know some info about Pomeranian puppies, about their adorable fur, how to maintain a healthy Pomeranian, with a bright and resistant coat.

When you adopt or buy a Pomeranian puppy, you should know that they are a very intelligent, active, agile, easy to maintain breed, but that need a strict diet specifically if you want your dog to be in healthy condition not just cute.

For that perfect fur, you need to provide them boiled vegetables for vitamins and minerals, also proteins like eggs, chicken breast and organs such as the brain, or the liver, kidneys. Minerals and most of all, vitamins help keep the fur bright and shiny.

If you have already a Pomeranian dog, you know that they are easy to maintain but they need daily brushing, they also need grooming, and if you have to give him a trim why not give him a fashionable one? It’s also recommended that you trim your puppy in the summer, they have a great insurance in the winter but in the summer they need baths and grooming so their skin can breath and they can feel comfortable. Also if they like swimming, grooming helps them feel better and swim more easier.

Here are ideas about grooming styles for your Pomeranian pup:

1.      Continental haircut

It is very common in Poodles, Pomeranian puppies, Bichon Frize puppies, the posterior legs and anterior, the face, the tail are shaved other than the extremities of the tail, and legs and remaining fur aren't cut at all. It makes your puppy look even smaller than he is.

2.      Puppy haircut

The fur is only trimmed a little, some owners prefer the face shaved so the puppy can see better, my opinion is not to shave any part of the body, in the head area you can try to cut a little shorter the hair around the eyes and truffle so he can see and smell better.

3.      Lion cut

The most common grooming style in Pomeranians: the fur is cut very short, other then the face, neck, shoulders, extremities of the legs and the tails, giving the impression of a tiny lion. Although they look so adorable, it is not recommended because it can causes a lot of skin problems, like dermatitis, also after a few lion cuts you might notice that your dog has areas of alopecia, dandruff, sores on the skin, even sunburns, that the coat isn't so shiny, healthy.

4.      Teddy Bear style

This cut it’s just for maintenance but gives a fresh look, the fur is cut equal 3-4 centimeters shorter and the puppy looks like a little, live Teddy Bear. It is recommended because it causes less skin problems than the lion cut.

5.      Shaving Pomeranian Puppies

     Here are two different opinions, some think that it’s ok to shave the female during pregnancy, or if it is too hot outside, others say never to shave a Pomeranian pup because of the skin problems that may arise, the coat may not grow and the stress caused by shaving to the dog. It is likely that the dog feels confused, and due to stress he may develop personality disorders, he may start to be rampant, disappointed, listless, frustrated, recluse, drawn, lonely, may start destroying things in your house such as furniture, walls, shoes, flowers, dermatological diseases, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, nutritional problems, he may suffer a loss of appetite, dehydration, weight loss.

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