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Nolan & Charlie Teddy Bear

Nolan & Charlie

We adopted Nolan and Charlie this past weekend and we couldn't be happier with our decision!! Daniel and Doug were remarkable throughout the process and it was obvious to us that the pups came from a family oriented environment where the early foundation for potty training and socialization had already been instilled. We appreciated the consistent communication and seamless adoption process. And of course we are most grateful and elated about our newest family members!! Thank you!!

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Are Dogs Like Their Owners

Are dogs like their owners

Have you ever seen dogs looking like their owners? I did, and to be honest, I think that my dogs look very much like me, even if they are not the same breed or have the same hair color. So why dogs look like their owners?

      It has something to do with the fact that they are very sensitive to the way we feel. If we are calm persons, our dogs will be gently and calm as well. If we are aggressive individuals, there will be no doubt that the dog will become aggressive at all. If we suffer from anxiety, our dogs can be anxious as well, because they are so receptive to our states of mind.

      I have seen large dogs, known to be aggressive, act like lambs, just because they have loving and calm owners. And I have seen dogs, no bigger than a shoe, act like a Tasmanian devil, most probably due to the attitude of their owner.

·         What Breeds Say About Personality?

Perhaps it is not necessarily about the fact that dogs look like us, but more about the fact that we choose the dog to be like us. According to the way we are and our lifestyle, we are more prone to pick a dog that suits us better. It is much recommended to do some research before selecting a particular dog breed, just to make sure that the breed will be suitable to the way we live. Some dogs are more active while some are lap dogs, so it is best to pick one that fits with the way you are as a person.

Do you like bulldogs? Well, then perhaps you are a stubborn and determined person. Even though a bulldog will look fierce, they are actually very loving and affectionate, being perfect family members. Does this sound familiar? The people that like terriers are active and competitive persons. They like a challenge, talk and laugh much as well. It is said that Bichon Maltese owners love to be pampered, enjoy a good wine and being in the company of their friends and people they care about. Well, you know what, I can’t deny all those since I am a Maltese owner. Love a Rottweiler? Then you must be a confident person, loyal to the people you love and a devoted friend. Since I also have a mixed breed dog, I found out that their owners are open-minded, loving and carefree, and there’s nothing I disagree with. So check out to see what your favorite breed says about your personality because it can be a real thing.

·         Can dogs look and act like their owners?

As mentioned before, dogs are very sensitive to their owner’s state. Thus, out of love and devotion, constantly having a close eye on the human they adore the most, many dogs appear to be looking like their owners and even act like them. These dogs love their owners so much that they want to become just like them, from the desire to please them. So if you are the type of person that enjoys spending a lot of time with your dog, don’t be surprised to hear people saying that your dog looks just like you. You may not notice, but it is true. Also, it is not unusual for us to choose dogs that have similar traits with us, as we feel more attracted to those specimens. Thus, dogs looking like their owners are created. Of course, this is not something you will see in all dog and owner cases, but in most cases the pet will look, in a greater or smaller manner, with his owner, just because they both live under the same roof and follow the same rules.

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