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Mason Maltese


My husband brought this sweet baby named Mason home to us for my birthday at the end of May. Our entire family is in love! Mason (we kept his name) loves all 5 of us and we couldn't be happier. Patrick my husband let me know his wonderful experience he had with Doug picking Mason up. Doug is very professional, knowledgeable and you can tell he really loves these pups and his profession. He is very organized as we received all the necessary paperwork as well as extra documents that Doug sends home as instructions, care info, vet info, and all info required by state law. It is a little nerve racking spending a lot for a pup that you are purchasing from a stranger, yet Doug is the real deal. Doug offers a complimentary wellness check up at a well known, highly rated veterinarian in Walnut Creek after you purchase the pup. Our Mason passed his check up and is very healthy and on track. We had a couple questions a couple days after Mason came home and Doug responded very promptly with adequate info. Doug just doesn't sell pups, as he is very educated about each breed he offers. I am already planning on our next pup for Mason to play with here soon! Thank you Doug for our lovely Mason boy!

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Puppy Name: Milo (Robbie) - Malti Poo
Breed Name: Malti Poo

We didn't originally plan to adopt Milo, who was originally named Milo. We only planned to adopt Halo, a black Pomeranian. After meeting a couple of different dogs, we met Milo, and his personality just clicked with me and my family. We decided to adopt him along with Halo, and made the two energetic dogs meet. They first became familiar with each other, and then started to play-fight. We knew the two would be best friends, and wouldn't have to be lonely. Throughout the course of a year, Milo has grown a tremendous amount, but we've had to groom him a lot, due to matting. He's a bit of a relaxer, always asking for scratches and tummy-rubs, but he's become a very beautiful dog. I knew adopting Milo was the right decision, because it's brought a lot of happiness and joy to my family.

Submitted by Aman Sharma from Fremont, California
Submitted on Saturday, December 31, 2016

Milo (Robbie)

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