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ozzy French Bulldog


Ozzy, formerly "Diesel" rules our world. We absolutely love him and are really happy about our experience with NorCal breeders. Great temperament, amazing personality, so loveable -- all the qualities you want in a dog.

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Puppy Name: Cookie - Morkie
Breed Name: Morkie

Found NorCal through a friend and My husband and I could not be happier! This is our 3rd Yorkie and Morkie is the best blend of dog! Cookie aka Misty is so sweet, she loves our grandkids and loves to play or chill with us! We love her and are so happy she is a member of our Family! Potty training was a breeze and her temperament is so good. She has the stubbornness of a Yorkie but the Loyalty of a Maltese. She is mischievous, sweet and has the spunk of a Great puppy which keeps us alert on our toes!

Submitted by Chenitta Levy from Tracy,CA
Submitted on Wednesday, May 17, 2017


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