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ozzy French Bulldog


Ozzy, formerly "Diesel" rules our world. We absolutely love him and are really happy about our experience with NorCal breeders. Great temperament, amazing personality, so loveable -- all the qualities you want in a dog.

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Maltipom Designer Puppies for Sale in San Francisco, California

Adorable Teacup Maltipom puppies available for adoption in San Francisco, CA (Nearby cities: San Jose, Concord, Sacramento, Oakland, Dublin, San Mateo, Hayward, Fremont, Northern California).

Maltipom puppies for sale in San Francisco from private breeder, Nor Cal Pups

      If you want to increase your family with a Malti Pom puppy, Norcal Pups is a great resource where you can buy the perfect Malti Pom puppy for you and your family. Nor Cal Pups has MaltiPom puppies for sale in California and nearby cities: San Jose, Walnut Creek, Concord, Sacramento, Oakland, Dublin, San Rafael, Novato, San Mateo, Hayward, Fremont, Union City, Berkeley, Livermore.

Maltipom puppy history

    The cute Maltipom is not a purebred puppy, he is a cross between the Pomeranian puppies and the Maltese pups. The MaltiPom puppy is a new breed which appeared a few years ago in the United States. If you want to adopt a toy puppy like the Maltipom, the best breeder in San Francisco, Bay Area and Northern California is Nor Cal Pups.

The physical constitution of the Maltipom breed

    The beautiful MaltiPom inherited physical traits from his parents, the Pomeranian and the Maltese. He is a small puppy, that reaches between 9 and 12 pounds in height and almost 5 pounds in weight. The Maltipom’s coat is fluffy, wavy and silky and can be white, orange, brown, black or reddish.

About the Maltipom puppies temperament and lifestyle

     If you decided to purchase a Malti Pom, you need to know that he is a wonderful companion for everyone and he has a very nice temperament. He loves people and he is an affectionate, friendly and gentle puppy. He is a pleasant company, who loves people and children, to whom he is very gently and friendly. A Maltipom is intelligent and easy to train, always eager to learn. He loves spending time with his owner and can develop separation anxiety is you don’t get him used with your absence.

    The teacup MaltiPom doesn’t need too much space and the best for him is to live in an apartment. He is a social puppy and he will understands very well with other pets.

Feeding and carrying a Maltipom puppy

     The cute Maltipom is easy to care and to maintain. He needs regular brushing of the coat, regular baths, cutting the nails, cleaning regularly the ears and the coat and a haircut several times a year. A special attention should be given to his dental care, this puppy toy being prone to dental diseases and the premature loss of teeth. But with a regular brushing of his teeth and with a proper nutrition, the dental problems can be avoided. He requires mainly a dry food that will help to protect and clean his teeth.

Maltipom health problems

     The MaltiPom is a healthy dog, without too many major health problems, especially if the cross is done correctly with perfectly healthy parents. He is prone to health problems, eye infections, skin allergies, respiratory problems. That’s why you should choose to buy a Maltipom from a licensed breeder, which can give you details about the puppy’s parents. Such a breeder is Nor Cal Pups, that has Maltipom puppies for sale in San Francisco, Bay Area, Northern California and near cities San Jose, Walnut Creek, Concord, Sacramento, Oakland, Dublin, San Rafael, Novato, San Mateo, Hayward, Fremont, Union City, Berkeley, LivermoreLook at this video to see the most beautiful Maltipom puppies in the world.

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