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Holly (Brie) French Bulldog

Holly (Brie)

I stumbled upon Doug and NorCal Pups on accident. I was looking for a cream French Bulldog and was shocked to see Doug had "Brie" (now Holly) and her brother "Cheddar." My boyfriend and I were looking to add a Frenchie to our family of two Boston Terriers and we fell in love with Holly's video and photos. I contacted Doug while my boyfriend was in Mexico and planned to surprise him with a leash/tiny harness when he returned. Communicating with Doug was a breeze and the surprise went as planned. I secretly placed a deposit on Holly on a Thursday and we picked her up on Monday. Doug's puppies are true gems. When we arrived, Holly was in an outdoor play pen tumbling around with her brother. Both she and her brother were fat, happy, and healthy. I was super impressed by their play area and how well they both interacted with visitors. Doug ensured we used hand sanitizer before playing with the Frenchies, and he stressed the importance of clean hands for your puppy's health. It was clear Doug cared for the puppies and wanted the best for them. Since we already knew we were taking Holly home, I was extra impressed with Doug's "take home instructions." I've raised two dogs from puppyhood, but no one was as thorough as Doug with New Puppy 101. He sends you home with clear instructions, food, and some starter supplies to make your new puppy's transition from his house to yours even easier. Thank you Doug for a beautiful, sweet, HILARIOUS Frenchie. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and we've already passed your site on to friends. We've gotten so many compliments on Holly, and at least two people wished they knew about Cheddar before he was gone. We love our little girl, and she is nothing short of a camera ham! Thank you so much!

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French Bulldog (Frenchie) Puppies for Sale in California, Bay Area, San Francisco CA, Northern California

Frenchies puppies for sale and adoption in California. Registered French Bulldog pups available for sale here in the Bay Area, San Francisco CA, Northern California!

French Bulldog puppies for sale in California at Nor Cal Pups breeder

            If you want to purchase a French Bulldog puppy, choose a private breeder like Nor Cal Pups. Find our French Bulldog puppies for sale in the Bay Area and California at Norcal Pups. Buy your favourite French Bulldog puppy available in San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Concord, Sacramento, Oakland, Dublin, San Rafael, Novato, San Mateo, Hayward, Fremont, Union City, Berkeley, Livermore.

The French Bulldog history

The French Bulldog is an old breed, appeared in England in the 19th century. This breed is the result of long crosses, whose purpose was to get a French Bulldog puppy with the features and the appearance of a miniature English Bulldog. The French Bulldogs arrived in France in 1860, during the Industrial Revolution. Choose to purchase a French Bulldog from Nor Cal Pups, which has registered French Bulldog puppies for sale in Northern California.

The physical constitution of the French Bulldog breed

The French Bulldog puppy weighs at maturity between 8 and 13 pounds and has a height of about 12 inches. His physical consitution is distinguished by a well-defined body.  He has muscular body and legs, a big square head, short nose and chest wide, deep and full, thick neck and well arched and round big ears. The French Bulldog’s coat is short and smooth and can have different colours like black, brown, beige, tan, brindle spots and others.

The temperament and lifestyle of a French Bulldog

Despite their appearance, the French Bulldog is a pleasant and sweet companion. He loves his owner, to whom he is very devoted. He is very carying and protective, being an excellent pup for children. The French Bulldog is an active dog, he loves to do tricks and to be in the center of attention. He is very sociable, being friendly with strangers and other pets.

The French Bulldog needs a calm and consistent training, otherwise he can become stubborn and aggresive. It is reccomended to give them praises and rewards during the training sessions.

If you want to adopt a French Bulldog, you have to know that he is sensitive to extreme temperatures and he is an ideal dog for apartment.

Feeding and carying a French Bulldog

            The French Bulldog is a puppy that needs a lot of attention and care, especially regarding his feeding. He should be fed with dry food of the best quality. Inappropriate nutrition can cause itching and skin allergies. Giving them too much food can lead to obesity, the French Bulldog being predisposed to this affection.

            The French Bulldog is easy to maintain, his coat needs regular brushing, the nails should be cut periodically. A special attention should be given to his facial wrinkles cleaning.

The French Bulldog health problems

            The French Bulldog can suffer from respiratory problems and he is prone to obesity, so attention must be paid to his nutrition. He is also prone to hip dysplasia and other diseases generally inherited from the parents.

            To avoid that, you can choose to buy a French Bulldog from an authorized breeder, like Nor Cal Pups. Nor Cal Pups, a trustble breeder in California, has French Bulldog puppies for sale in San Francisco and other Bulldogs for sale in California. Look at this video to see the most beautiful French Bulldog puppies in the world.

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